10 Signs You Should Be Investing In An Office Renovation

Posted by Truspace on 10 December 2015

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Second to home, the office is the place we spend most of our time, and how our office spaces are designed can have a massive impact on our health, happiness, and work production.

For example, a 2014 study conducted by Northwestern University shows that offices designed to allow more natural light has a positive effect on employees. They sleep more, are more physically active and have a better quality of life compared to office workers with whose access to natural light is limited.

Implementing more natural light and outside views is just one aspect of a well-designed office that may initially cost a little more to build, but is ultimately much cheaper that a poorly designed one. If your office space is non-functioning, it can have a negative impact on attracting and retaining key employees, impressing potential clients and the productivity of your business.

Here are ten other warning signs it may be time to invest in an office renovation:

1. Unimpressive Layout

When you spend every day working in the same office space, it becomes easy to forget how other people might see the same space. The layout and design of your office can make an immediate impression on clients and potential new employees, and this can either be positive or negative.

Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time visitor. What does your office space say about your company? Does it reflect a thriving, active business? Does it present a professional, organized image? Is it both a practical space to welcome potential clients and keep your current employees happy?

2. Uninspired Branding

It is important that your office reflects the style of your brand. If your workplace can just as easily be the offices of A.N. Company Inc., then you missing out. Ensuring your office is branded is just as important as having it on your business cards and website. It should be infused into the environment where your business resides so that it speaks to both your clients and employees and gets them engaged in your businesses unique story.

3. Original Office Design

Keeping your company’s public image updated as interior design styles change is an important part of continuing to attract business. When you wait several years to make updates, your public image is at risk of seeming outdated or stale. If you haven’t changed any design features in at least 5 years, it’s time to start looking into the latest styles for your office. This helps your company maintain a fresh appearance, which can improve your brand’s image.


4 Uninspiring Mood

You need to think about the mood your current office is creating. Small, artificially lit areas will be a drain on your employee's productivity, forcing them to be less creative and inspired by their workplace. Having an office layout filled with natural light and breakout spaces that encourage your staff to walk around can make a major difference to their mood and productivity.

5. Productivity Issues

A poorly designed office layout can make it difficult for employees to work efficiently and maintain high levels of productivity. The limited workspace can result in employees having to awkwardly maneuver around each other during the workday. It can also lead to noise issues if desks or cubicles are set up close together. Renovating the layout of your office can help increase productivity among your employees.

6. Poorly Planned Space

Having plenty of space for a growing workforce only helps if that space has an efficiently designed floor plan. If your floor plan has a layout that doesn’t accommodate growth, you can still find yourself struggling with the same problems that affect employees in more limited spaces. Your workspace needs to be flexible and re-configurable so that it can adapt to your companies changing needs.

7. Economically Unsustainable

When it comes to updating your office, keep economic sustainability in mind along with other factors, such as interior design features. Your company can save money by modifying your current space to make it more energy-efficient, which will lead to lower utility bills over time.

8. Unsuitable Furniture

The furniture you choose for your office should complement its overall tone and style. When you have mismatched furnishings or pieces of furniture that do not go with the surrounding interior of your office, it can create an unfavorable impression. Having carefully selected furniture that enhances the design of your office can make your company look better organized and more efficient.

You may also be tempted to save money by buying budget furniture, but in the long-term, it will end up costing you much more. Cheap chairs or poorly designed desks can cause back and neck pain resulting in unhappy staff, lack of productivity and absenteeism.

9. Poor Lighting Quality

As we mentioned earlier, the lighting in your office can have a significant impact on its appearance. Having poor lighting can give your office a dull or harsh appearance, which can make a negative impression on clients. It can also affect your employees’ ability to work efficiently, lowering productivity levels. Having updated lighting that adds visual appeal can give you company a chance to shine in terms of brand freshness.

10. Shabby, Outdated Appearance

If you have an office that looks shabby or faded or if your office has eyesores, such as renovations that haven’t been completed, you might be hesitant about inviting clients there for meetings. Whether you have furniture that doesn’t match or office space that has experienced a considerable amount of wear and tear, it’s important to update it and improve its appearance overall to build your client base.

By creating a well-designed, comfortable office space that reflects your company's brand and culture, you will not only attract new clients but also boost both your employees’ well-being and their productivity.

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