4 Proven Ways To Design An Office Your Employees Will Love

Posted by Truspace on 05 May 2016

4 proven office design strategies

Too many small business owners overlook the importance of good office design. Typically, they will put a lot of time and effort into the day to day running of their business, but ignore the details of their surroundings.

You see this all the time - a young startup business, with excellent operations and increasingly impressive revenue numbers, are working out of an office which is falling apart around them.

The fact is, the office is very important for a number of reasons. If your staff have a functional, comfortable space to work in, they are more likely to be happy in their job. And when they are happy in their job, they do better, more productive work.

Making sure your office is somewhere people want to be is good for business. Otherwise, your people - and your company will suffer. Your employees are your businesses greatest asset so it is imperative to focus on creating an office space they will love.

So how do you create an office that your employees will love coming to work in - even on a Monday? Here are four key attributes to aspire to in your office space that will keep your workforce happy:


Your employees come to work to do a particular task, but for them to feel productive, focused and motivated, they require a functional space that will help them perform their job. All the equipment they need should be available and reliable. There should be sufficient storage to allow them to keep an organized workspace, and it should be structured in a layout that allows for efficient working practises.

By giving your employees the tools needed to get the job done and a variety of workspaces that allow for private, collaborative and creative areas to work in, you are making it easier for them to get their job done efficiently, which in turn reduces their stress and makes for happier employees.


What makes something desirable is hard to quantify and is different for everybody but in terms of attracting and retaining key talent, it can be a real game changer that will see your company soaring above the competition.

People tend to talk about their job, their boss and the things going on in their workplace with their family and friends and they’re much more likely to discuss your business in a positive fashion if the workplace you create is an excellent one.

This doesn’t mean having flashy offices filled with slides and foosball tables, but you do need to ensure your office space and the atmosphere within it are desirable for your employees. This could mean allowing employees to have some input on the design of their office space, starting a flexible work programme to allow them to choose they own hours or providing a space for fitness equipment and catered healthy lunches.

The process of creating an office space your employees love starts with making them feel valued at work. Get their feedback on how you can make the office more functional, efficient, inspirational and desirable. They will give you plenty of ideas you can run with and they will feel part of the design process and more invested in your business.


Your employees spend more than 50% of their life at work, but they will be much happier and productive in that time if the office environment is comfortable for them.

Ensuring the space has an even temperature using heating and air conditioning, providing ergonomic chairs, having adequate lighting for tasks and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to working, all make for a more comfortable atmosphere.

It is also important to ensure rest areas are as comfortable as productive ones. Break out spaces should have comfortable furniture, a place to prepare food and drinks and relaxing materials like books and televisions so they can come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to give their best effort again.


Functionality and comfort are the cornerstones of great office design but how the office looks and feels are just as important when it comes to developing a space that your employees will love to work in.

If you want to inspire your employees, you need to provide an inspirational workspace that should be the right mix of soothing and stimulating flexible spaces for them to move around and work freely in.

Choosing inspiring colors for the office, allowing more natural light and bringing in more greenery will all boost employee output. For instance, recent studies have shown that daylight makes people more productive. Exposure to more daylight also helps improve sleep - which in turn allows workers to concentrate and think more clearly the next day. Both colors and plants also have a positive effect on how employees think and feel about their workplace if chosen carefully.

As you can see, there are a number of important areas to think about when it comes to good office design. If you lack the time or expertise and need some help why not contact us today for a free workplace consultation.

Give us a call today or fill in the form below and learn how we can combine your ideas with our expertise to create an eye-catching office design your business and staff deserve.

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