These 5 Office Design Strategies Will Make Your Office More Productive

Posted by Truspace on 22 March 2016

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The impact of poor office design can not be understated. A recent report found only 13 percent of international workers are highly engaged and truly satisfied with their place of work.

The Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace study found that high workplace satisfaction correlates with employees who are highly engaged.

The study found that workers who have more control over their work environment, including access to natural light and private spaces, are some of the most highly engaged. They feel empowered, both by organizational decisions and by the workspaces available to them, that allows them the choice on where and how they work.

A well-organised workspace helps employees feel more comfortable, more efficient, less stressed and boosts productivity.

Read on to discover 7 office design strategies for a more productive workforce.

1. If Your Office Is Too Hot, You Will Get Less Done

The number one complaint workers have about their office space: they’re either too cold or too hot. While it may sound insignificant, it does have a very real effect on people's work levels. A recent study showed that productivity drops 4% if you get too cold, and 6% if you are feeling too hot.

Many people have different preferred temperatures so by allowing an employee to control the temperature at their workstation they are often more productive. In order to improve the worker productivity in your office you may consider installing zoned temperature controls in parts of your office that will allow each worker to adjust the temperature at their workstation.

2. Natural Light Makes Us Work Better, Sleep Better, And Conserves Energy

Your employees are also more likely to do better work if they are close to a window; daylight has shown to make people more productive. Exposure to more daylight also helps improve sleep - which in turn allows workers to concentrate and think clearer the next day. Studies show that employees with access to a window gets over 170% more exposure to white light during the day, and sleeps an average of 46 extra minutes a night.

3. Your Office Layout Also Affects Productivity

One of the easiest ways to improve worker productivity is to make your office less crowded, more comfortable and ensuring the office space services the people working there, and how they work, not the other way round. Offices that feel stressful can create anxiety in employees, and may even halt their work entirely.

For example, perhaps the printer is only where it is because there was an available power supply and it was hidden out of the way. Nevermind that it's located at the far end of the building away from the receptionist, who uses it the most. Plus, to get there, she has to walk past a number of people causing distraction and noise many times per day.

It is worth taking the time to do some creative brainstorming that will allow you to come up with ways to streamline the layout of your office space that will make for happier, more productive employees.

4. Create Break-Out Spaces To Break Down Barriers And Inspire

Break out spaces are more than just a place your employees can eat their lunch in - they are a crucial place away from the desk which can boost creativity.

Creating spaces that can’t be booked are a great way for employees to get a change of scenery and have informal chats, these spaces take down the barriers to communication and allow for spontaneity in the workplace. Many great work ideas come from these inspiring casual spaces.

5. Improve Your Office’s Aesthetics To Boost Company Culture

Most workers prefer working in aesthetically pleasing office spaces. When a place of work is attractive, it can embolden a sense of pride in the workers that will encourage much higher rates of productivity.

Consider purchasing art to hang in your lobby, or the main entry-way of your office. Studies have shown that when people are faced with impressive paintings or photographs, they will feel inspired to work.

You commonly see this on social media, where an inspirational quote is placed in front of a beautiful sunset, mountain range or other majestic landscape. Looking at art has the power to unlock creative potential and help develop truly innovative ideas ideas. However, focusing on your office aesthetics goes beyond just the paintings on the walls or the art sculptures adorning the hallways.

There can be a massive emotional impact from entering a beautiful space; it can feel uplifting and invigorating while inspiring employee creativity and curiosity. Paying close attention to the light, proportions and materials used in the workplace can make a fundamental difference to how invested an employee feels in the company they work for.

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