5 Ways Our Workplace Consultancy Will Change Your Business

Posted by Truspace on 29 April 2016
Have you ever heard the saying “a goal without a plan is just a wish?” This is especially true when it comes to your workspace, after all, refitting or relocating offices is a huge investment of both time and money, and it’s paramount you get the most out of your future workplace. As office build
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Are Breakout Spaces Right For Your Next Office Redesign?

Posted by Truspace on 22 April 2016
There is a common misperception by many employers that breakout spaces are nothing more than a place to add some trendy couches, throw in a few bean bag chairs, maybe a Foosball table or two and call it a day. However, as a new, younger workforce starts to enter the workplace, the breakout space is
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4 Office Hacks That Will Make Your Workplace Healthier, More Productive & Happier

Posted by Truspace on 14 April 2016
If it feels like you are spending longer at work, than you used to then you are right. Canadians are clocking in the most hours in more than two decades according to a recent study. Most of us spend the majority of this time hunkered over a desk getting little to no physical activity. But with 85%
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Win A TruSpace Office Design Consultation Valued At $2000

Posted by Truspace on 11 April 2016
We have just launched a competition where you can win one of our professional workplace consultation design packages valued at $2000.
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