Ontracks Consulting Case Study

Posted by Truspace on 26 July 2016
We recently worked with operational improvement firm Ontracks Consulting in Edmonton, Alberta to design, create and build an inviting, agile and multifunctional work environment that included a reception area, formal and informal meeting spaces along with a spacious employee kitchen and a
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Beyond Hot-Desking: Is Activity Based Working The Answer For Your Office?

Posted by Truspace on 16 July 2016
The concept of activity-based working (ABW) was first developed by Erik Veldhoen, author of the book The Demise of the Office. It refers to a workplace concept that gives workers a choice of settings for the various workplace activities they are required to do as part of their job. Instead of only
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The Growing Trend Of Hot Desking In Canadian Offices

Posted by Truspace on 08 July 2016
In late 2015, when professional services firm Deloitte unveiled its impressive new headquarters in Toronto, it looked quite different from the traditional work environment you might expect. For starters, it had no offices or permanently assigned desks for the 3,500 employees who work there. Even
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How To Choose The Perfect Office Space For Your Business

Posted by Truspace on 01 July 2016
If you have decided to move office or maybe even been forced into the move by growth or decline, the whole process can be rather stressful. Hours are spent looking for a new space that will offer everything you need whilst allowing employees to work efficiently and clients to gauge a professional
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