Why Your Office Design Needs To Move With The Times

Posted by Truspace on 25 October 2016
The times they are a changin’ 1 – and unsurprisingly, most of these changes are being driven by technology. Over the past couple of decades, office designers have witnessed a resistance to the evolving work environment. Trading heard-earned, private offices for a seat at a group table; choosing
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How Good Office Design Can Boost Employee Happiness

Posted by Truspace on 17 October 2016
When did creating happy employees find its way on to to-do list of business owners? What difference does it make to you if your employees are happy or not? Simply put, it makes all the difference. In the past, people worked to make a living, plain and simple. Little thought was given to the state
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Improving Company Culture Using Good Office Design

Posted by Truspace on 10 October 2016
What values drive your organization? Transparency, excellent customer service, and teamwork? Maybe even individuality and competition? No matter which principles define your business, there's no question they create the foundation for your company's corporate culture.
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The True Cost Of An Uninspiring Workplace

Posted by Truspace on 03 October 2016
Which one of these organizations offers a better product or service: the business with a dull, lifeless office or the one with a vibrant, inspiring workplace? This is a silly question with an obvious answer. Of course the second business will be more productive, not to mention a more attractive
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