How Millennials are Shaping Office Design Across Canada

Posted by Truspace on 20 June 2017
Millennials are a markedly different generation than the Baby Boomers: they’re aren’t blindly ambitious employees flocking to climb the corporate ladder, they are collaborative and want to share responsibility; they aren’t looking for lifelong jobs, they’re looking a work environment that is
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How Office Lighting Affects Mood & Productivity

Posted by Truspace on 24 March 2017
At the start of the day, your employees come in full of energy and ready to tackle the tasks that await them; however, as the day wears on, you can’t help but notice that they are losing their steam. They go from being upbeat and productive to sluggish and irritable – and you feel the same way,
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How To Boost Employee Productivity With Good Office Design

Posted by Truspace on 18 August 2016
Productivity: it’s the ability to generate, create or enhance a product or service. This is a fairly straightforward concept. All companies generate some sort of product or service; otherwise they wouldn’t exist. Meaning the question lies not in how to be productive, rather in how to be more
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5 Ways To Create A Relaxing Office Space That Will Boost Productivity

Posted by Truspace on 23 June 2016
The workplace has changed dramatically in recent years; what used to be a boring, simple layout has been transformed into a variety of different ideas and designs. The last decade has seen a shift towards open plan office spaces. In a bid to increase collaboration and social interaction the private
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