How To Choose the Right Office Fit Out Company For Your Next Office Design Build

Posted by Truspace on 23 December 2016
They say success breeds success. Could that statement be any truer when it comes to selecting your office fit out company? A well-established, reputable design partner is the key to guaranteeing the ideal foundation is created for your thriving, productive workplace. Selecting the wrong fit out
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How To Bring Together A Multi-generational Workforce Using Balanced Workspaces

Posted by Truspace on 16 December 2016
Imagine walking into an office where a motivated twenty-something is managing an employee who has forty year’s experience under their belt. Or picture a workplace where a person who’s been patiently climbing the corporate ladder for decades is suddenly accountable to coworkers thirty years their
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The Importance of Office Design for the Next Generation

Posted by Truspace on 07 December 2016
In a cover article that surely grabbed the attention of many, Time Magazine described Millennials as the “ME ME ME Generation,” calling them “lazy, entitled, narcissists.” Ouch. Although the article went on to discuss some positive attributes of the Gen Y demographic, this negative sentiment is,
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How To Design A Workplace For Millennials

Posted by Truspace on 28 November 2016
"When Millennials are passionate, there's no one better...They work hard. They work all hours of the day," says Cherrie Clark, a professor at one of the world's top business schools. But, she claims, "If they are not passionate, good luck with that." This statement paints an interesting, if not
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Why Smart Office Design Should Focus On People

Posted by Truspace on 18 November 2016
We've all heard the expression countless times before: your people are your greatest asset. It's a popular saying because it's true, right? Without the skilled, intelligent, innovative people working the front lines of our businesses, we'd have no business to speak of. And while most of you
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