How To Choose The Perfect Office Space For Your Business

Posted by Truspace on 01 July 2016
If you have decided to move office or maybe even been forced into the move by growth or decline, the whole process can be rather stressful. Hours are spent looking for a new space that will offer everything you need whilst allowing employees to work efficiently and clients to gauge a professional
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5 Ways To Create A Relaxing Office Space That Will Boost Productivity

Posted by Truspace on 23 June 2016
The workplace has changed dramatically in recent years; what used to be a boring, simple layout has been transformed into a variety of different ideas and designs. The last decade has seen a shift towards open plan office spaces. In a bid to increase collaboration and social interaction the private
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The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Activity Based Working

Posted by Truspace on 16 June 2016
The way we work is changing, and the role of office design is changing along with it. Over the last decade, we have witnessed a massive shift in the way people across the globe use technology to complete their daily tasks both at work and home.
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