Truspace's 2017 Office Design Trends

As we enter 2017 we are seeing workplaces across Canada continue to evolve away from treating their workplace as just a place where people go to work and instead are starting to create a memorable experience for employees.

Canadian business owners and directors are realizing that the physical space in which people work dramatically influences their performance. And in this era, when a generation who is vastly different than its predecessors is infiltrating the workforce, maximizing the workplace is not merely the ‘trendy’ thing to do - it’s a necessity.

What Our 2017 Design Trends White Paper Offers

Our 16-page white paper showcases the trends that are happening in workplaces across Canada this year including:
  • Why space personalization should be a key driver for Canadian workplaces this year.
  • How flexibility is needed to attract the new generation of workers.
  • Why you need to incorporate brand and culture into your office design.
  • The benefits of incorporating more natural elements into the work environment.

How To Download The Ebook

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